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Sunday, 23 September 2018
Code Of Conduct
Community Leagues - Information

Code of Conduct PDF Document

  1. Name: The League shall be known as the (name) Community 6-a-side Youth Football League.
  2. Age Groups: There shall be 2 age groups:
    1. 7 to 10 years at the start of each league season.
    2. 11 to 13 years at the start of each league season.
  3. League Objectives:
    1. To promote participation of young people in playing football.
    2. To provide positive role models and values for young people.
    3. To encourage sporting and other community based activities
  4. For league participants and families. Participation Conditions:
    1. Every participant undertakes to comply with the rules and regulations of the league.
    2. The organisers reserve the right at its absolute discretion to withdraw temporarily or withhold any or all facilities of participation. Individuals concerned will be informed of any such action and given the opportunity to present an explanation and request for re-instatement.
    3. It shall be the responsibility of the parent or guardian of any participant to inform the organisers of any change of address or telephone number.
    4. All participants join as individuals and the organisers are solely responsible for the formation of the teams who make up the league for each season.
  5. Fees:
    1. There is no registration fee for joining the league.
    2. There will be no fee for each league session.
  6. Management of the League: The organisation and resources for the league will be provided by Faith & Football which is a part of Abijah Charitable Trust registered charity number 1103783 and in accordance with the provision made in their Trust Deed to provide sporting activities for young people.
  7. Code of Conduct:
    1. All participants in the league shall be governed by this code of conduct.
    2. All participants in the league are expected to play or support the playing of the game of football in the spirit of encouragement, good sportsmanship and fair play.
    3. Team managers are appointed to take sole responsibility for the management of their teams. Participants are expected to refrain from influencing or attempting to influence the players during the course of league matches.
    4. Participants shall also ensure that in their playing or spectating of the league matches, and also in their general support of the league, that they at no time indulge in any unsporting or critical behaviour or activities which might blemish the good name of the league, or bring the reputation of the game of football into disrepute including:
      • deliberately causing or attempting to cause injury to another player, official or spectator
      • nsulting opponents, making offensive remarks to the referee, opposition supporters or managers
      • aking property belonging to players, supporters or managers
      • playing or spectating under the influence of alcohol or drugs
      • swearing or making obscene remarks or gestures
      • making racial or racist remarks
      • behaving in a way likely to cause offence, loss, injury or damage to members of the public, spectators, opponents, managers, referees or property
      • playing football around the pitches
      • riding bicycles where football is being played
      • any other action deemed to be illegal or of nuisance to others
    5. If a youth comes to the notice of the police by being either a juvenile nuisance or gets arrested for a criminal offence, a form called a CYP is created. Should a player from the league receive a CYP, the police will inform the players team manager ( details of the incident WILL NOT be given for data protection reasons ).
    6. The penalty for such acts of misconduct on the pitch or off it will be the issue of a yellow or red card. The police will inform the team manager of the appropriate booking.
      • 1 x yellow card = 1 night ban
      • 2 x yellow card = given in one season is a red card
      • 1 x red card = 2 night ban
    7. The league may suspend or expel from participation any player, parent or spectator who is found to have infringed this code repeatedly or seriously.
    8. All players will wear their kits in accordance with the league requirements which are:
      • Socks pulled up
      • Shin pads to be worn at all matches.
  8. Distribution of rules and code of conduct All parents and participants shall be given a copy and will be notified of any amendments.
  9. Revision of rules and code of conduct These rules and code of conduct are subject to continuous review to assist in making the Community Youth Football League a means of enjoyment and encouragement to all participants.