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Friday, 23 March 2018
Footballers Involved
Joel Ward
DSC01023"I signed up for the Faith & Football Extra Time Literacy Scheme as a Reading Mentor because I believe being able to read makes all the difference when you are going through school.  I found the 1-2-1 time I spent with the children very rewarding.  It's good to be able to help them.  As a footballer I need to be able to read and it's good to let the children know that reading is not just something for school but all areas of life."
Rory Fallon
extra time easter pres 032"I love the Extra Time Literacy Scheme!  It is great to meet the children and help them with the words they are practising and generally encourage them each week.  I really enjoyed being able to mentor some of the children and see them get better and better!  All it takes is people to get alongside the children and show some interest in them.  In schools today it's difficult for teachers to give 1-2-1 attention to all the children.  But at Extra Time each child has half an hour when it's all about them, they can chat with their mentor and practice their reading with them and get the help they need.  It is very rewarding to see the children doing so well!"
Jamie Ashdown
DSC01440"I love helping out with Faith & Football.  Going to the school to hear the children read is great!  It is really good seeing the children having so much fun when they are learning.  They don't all find it easy but they all enjoy themselves and that definitely helps them get better at reading.  I enjoy listening to my son reading and I make sure he has lots of books at home that he can pick up and read.  It is important children have the opportunity to develop their potential, and if I can add a smile to their face from visiting and encouraging them then I gladly will."
Aaron Mokoena
DSC01292"The Faith & Football Reading is great!  I am happy to support it and visit the children!  I like the question and answer time with them, you never know what they are going to say, it isalways good fun!  Being able to reading is the foundation by which we learn everything so it's pretty important!  It is good that these children can spend time reading more and learning more too!"
Tommy Smith
Outdoor Centre 002"I love going to the schools to meet the children and telling them how important it is to read.  I have children myself and always make sure I spend time reading with them because I know how much it helps.  I guess for the children to meet a professional footballer who gives them the same message they are hearing from their mentors makes them realise how essential reading is.  The Extra Time Scheme is great because it offers extra support for children to achieve more." 

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