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Sunday, 21 October 2018
Footballers Involved
Sean Davis
mx mentors"I was pleased to be able to take part in the launch of Faith & Football's Extra Time Literacy Scheme and meet the children and their parents who were signing up for the Scheme.  They all seemed really excited even though they found reading tough they were willing to stay behing after school for an extra hour.  This just shows how important it is to help these youngsters who are ready to learn if they are given the support they need."
Linvoy Primus

DSC00995"I love going to the schools to see how the children are getting on with their reading!   Every time I see them I tell them how important it is to be able to read well.  It always amazes me how much progress the children make and the confidence they gain!  Giving out the certificates at the Final Presentation is a real highlight for me.  It's a proud moment for the children and their parents to see how far they have come.  I know that the children on the scheme grow to love reading and see it as fun rather than just something that has to be done at school.  if I can help them with this in anyway then I am happy!"

Darren "Mooro" Moore
DSC03976"The Extra Time Literacy Scheme is a great opportunity for children to boost their reading ability in a fun and friendly way!  I always take up every occasion I can to go into the schools to listen to the children reading and hear how they are getting on!  I love being able to read with children and see the excitement in their eyes as they hear the stories.  For me as well as a Christian, it is good to be able to answer any questions the children may have about what they have been learning."

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