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Sunday, 23 September 2018
Parents Top Tips
Start Now!

PICT0036It’s never too early to start reading with your child! 

Babies and toddlers enjoy looking at picture books! 

Get into the habit of reading with them even before they can understand.

Little & Often!
sj2Don’t forget a child’s concentration span isn’t normally as long as adults so don’t read for hours! 

10 minutes at a time is great!
Be Descriptive!
Picture 039Think of other words to replace those in the story.  For example, the boy was small.  The boy was, tiny, little, teeny, miniature!
Get your child to imagine they were one of the characters from the story you are reading.  Can they describe how they would feel and what they would do?
Look at pictures and get your child to make up a story about the picture!
Remove Distractions!
Picture 055Turn off the TV so you don’t have any distractions when your child is reading! 

Try and find a quiet spot so they can concentrate.
Be Animated!
Picture 041Engage with the characters in the story! 

If they are whispering then make sure you whisper!

If they shout then make sure you shout!

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