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Sunday, 21 October 2018
Parents Top Tips
Develop Skills!
DSC03498Read your child a story – this will develop their listening skills!

Describe the characters in the story you are reading.  This will develop descriptive skills!

Encourage your child to ask questions about the story you are reading.  This develops comprehension and imagination!

Develop observation skills with your child by asking them to find an object in the picture of a book you are reading!  Where is the cat?  What colour is the boy’s jumper?
Play Games!
DSC00586The Number Plate Game! Look at a number plate on a car and think of some words beginning with the letters on the number plate!

Playing “I spy” with your child will help them relate letters and words to the everyday objects around them!

Rhyming Game! See if your child can think of a word that rhymes with a word you say!

Playing simple card and board games will improve your child’s memory and concentration which in turn will help them with their reading!
Have a Routine
DSC00629Spending time reading gives your child a routine.

Reading 10 minutes EVERY day will make an amazing difference! The more children read, the better they become at reading! It’s as simple as that!

Spending quality one to one reading time with your child will enhance their confidence and boost their self esteem!
Join the local library
DSC01288Join the local library! It’s free and easy to use!

Your local library often has reading days for children. Your child will be able to hear a fun story, meet new friends and see that other children enjoy reading too!

Build a small library at home of different books for your child. Maybe your child could have their own bookshelf!

Ask other family members and friends to buy your child books too!
Read Everything and Everywhere
Picture 038Read with your child as often as you can and wherever you are! In bed, in the bath, on the bus!

Show your child how reading helps you in everyday life – cooking-following recipes, shopping-writing a list, driving-looking at signs.

Read out and about with your child – shop signs, bus timetables, menus.

Read widely!  Facts, stories, nursery rhymes, reference books, atlas, encyclopaedias, newspapers, magazines, packaging, etc! 
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