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Sunday, 21 October 2018
Parents Top Tips
You Are A Role Model!
wf7You are your child’s greatest role model.  Let your child see you reading.
When you read aloud to your child you help them learn the correct tone, pace and expressions to use!
If you are relaxed and enjoy reading with your child that will pass on a very strong message that reading is fun!
Books Galore!

wf2Make sure you have plenty of reading material in your home.  It doesn’t need to be just books.
How about magazines, newspapers, recipes, instruction manuals, comics?

Make Reading Fun!
DSC00597Use different voices for the different characters in the story!
Never force your child to read.  It won’t be enjoyable for them if you do!
Change a character’s name to your child’s name to make any story more fun!
It's Not Just About Books!
DSC00599Make some play dough or get some plasticine and use it to shape some letters!
Get some magnetic letters for your fridge or some foam letters for the bath!
Teach your child the alphabet, sing it, say it, write it!
Give Prizes!
DSC01357Make a reading chart for your child to put the books they have read in!  Have a small prize when they have got to a certain part on the chart!

All children love stickers!  Give your child stickers for trying hard with their reading.  Keep a record of how many stickers they get.  After 10 give them a small treat!

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