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Sunday, 23 September 2018
Programmes - Overseas

NigeriaIn Nigeria our partners are Soteria Trust. We are providing funding to enable severely vulnerable children to receive educational scholarships.

Faith & Football support students at the Prospect Children's School and the Soteria Vocational College both in Ibaden, Nigeria.

In Africa education empowers. Education gives young people the means to have life through job opportunities. It enables those without hope to attain a passport out of poverty and deprivation into the dignity of employment.

NigeriaSoteria Trust's Director, Andy Econimides has recently completed his second trip in 6 months to the Soteria Business School in Ibaden, Nigeria. His team saw some significant advances in the School as they attended the graduation of 38 sponsored students. They also introduced a new balanced diet to the Soteria canteen served by trained student waiters and helpers, taught on the importance of everyday hygiene and developed staff administration skills. All this in addition to Andy's teaching on Christian Discipleship in the local respected Sunshine International School and his proclamation of the Good News and Bible Studies to over 3,300 students in one week!

The third phase building of the Soteria School has started and will provide two further small classrooms with equipment and furinture, and a 2 bedroomed staff flat with facilities. This is the final step in making the Soteria Business School dream a reality!