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Sunday, 23 September 2018
Programmes - Overseas

In UUgandaganda Faith & Football have recently provided a plot of land adjacent to the Hands of Love Orphanage so that the Aids orphans who live there are able to have an area for recreation and games. Faith & Football also sponsor a number of children from the orphanage enabling them to have food and clothing.

Over the past three years Faith and Football and their partner in Uganda, Faith Hope & Love, have provided the most needy communities in the northern districts of the country with soccer football uniforms, children's clothing, sports clothing for our volunteers and equipment like balls, drinking bottles et cetera.

UgandaThese donations have been a mobilisation tool for the youth and general population for sensitisation on many issues including HIV/AIDS, peace through sports events, community cooperative associations. The best part of course is the feed back that we keep on getting from members of these communities and observers on the positive effects that the work is having in the lives of young people who would otherwise have been vulnerable to inducement into armed conflict.

Faith and Football are actively involved in supporting their community based, nongovernment mission partner, Faith Hope Love, in the delivery of much needed help and services to the poorest communities in northern Uganda as part of their commitment to reaching out to the unreached across the globe.

In the case of Uganda and its' neighbouring countries like Sudan, Faith and Football is partnering with Faith Hope Love as the eyes, ears, hands and feet on the ground to liaise with the communities and to deliver support and donations directly.

This working partnership began three years ago when it was thought wise to have a partner on the ground that understood some of the dynamics of Faith and Football and the communities in Africa and would act as a bridge between donor and beneficiary for Faith and Football in Africa.

The benefits from this working relationship have greatly impacted upon the communities by positively effecting change in attitudes in a region that was previously more renown for terribly destructive armed conflicts that have rendered communities powerless and without faith or real hope for their future prospects.