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Saturday, 24 March 2018
My Story - Rory Michael Fallon
Pro Footballers - Rory Fallon

0,,10364~3645212,00My first contact with Christianity was after I signed for Barnsley FC when I was sixteen. One of my first jobs was to clean Bruce Dyer's boots. Bruce was a Christian. I used to ask Bruce lots of questions about Jesus and the Bible and he would tell me many stories about Jesus and how he had changed his life. We would both go to Bible studies with the football club pastor, Pete Amos to learn more about the people in the Bible.

A few years later I moved to Swindon Town FC where I met another Christian, Stefani Miglioranzi. He offered me a place to live and we became good friends and we would go to church on Sundays. I then moved on to Swansea City FC where none of the players were Christians and soon I forgot all about Jesus and the Bible. Then one day, out of the blue I met a girl called Carly. Although her mother was a Christian she, like me, had learnt about Jesus but run away from the truth.

That was nearly three years ago and since then I have moved to Plymouth Argyle. When we moved, Carly and I started going to church and soon became Christians. We got baptised in January 2008 and since then we have seen many wonderful things happen in our lives. Carly and I are now happily married.

When I look back over the last ten years I can see how God has changed my heart. When I started my career all I wanted to do was to play football but now I know there is more to life and now I want to show other people how great it is to be a Christian and help them to achieve their dreams.