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Sunday, 23 September 2018
Community Leagues - Information

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  1. All players must be under their respective age limits on the date of commencement of the (name) Community YFL season. The age limit of all players must be complied with and any individual failing to comply will be ruled out of the league.
  2. All players should report to their respective team managers 10 minutes prior to their kick-off.
  3. The laws of the game will apply with the following exceptions:
    1. 8 players may be nominated per team, 6 players and 2 substitutes. No player shall be nominated for more than one team. Substitution will be allowed at any time at the referee's discretion.
    2. There will be no offside.
    3. Goal kicks will be taken from the goal line.
    4. The penalty area will extend from touchline to touchline to touchline.
    5. The referee will start and restart the games with a kick-off.
    6. All opposing players to retire 5 metres at free or place kicks.
    7. Goalkeepers shall not handle the ball except in their own penalty areas.
    1. Any player given a yellow card will be automatically suspended for the next league session.
    2. Any player given 2 yellow cards in one session on or off of the field of play will receive a red card and automatically be suspended for the next 2 league sessions.
    3. Any player given a red card on or off the field of play will automatically be suspended for the next 2 league sessions.
    4. The duration of play shall be 8 minutes.
    5. Points in the league are: Win 3, Draw 1, Loss 0. In the event of teams finishing level on points, league positions shall be decided as follows:
      1. The team with the greater goal difference. If still level.
      2. The team scoring the greater number of goals.
    6. The referee's decision on all points of play shall be final.
    7. Any other points arising will be dealt with by the league director, whose decision will be final.