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Sunday, 21 October 2018

Age 14

Before Alpha my life was a wreck. Everything was going wrong. I misbehaved, got into fights and swore my head off. I abused teachers and threw things at home. It seemed like life was against me, like if there was a God he hated me. But now I know God is out there and He loves me and forgives me.

My teacher came into assembly and put the words "God Squad" up on the board, I thought 'here we go!' He said stuff about Jesus and then mentioned doughnuts so I was suddenly interested! I went along to Alpha and ended up saying the prayer and that was the start of me becoming a Christian.

At Alpha they told me that if I wanted to give myself to God and let Jesus into my heart to just step forward. We prayed this amazing prayer and I felt like someone put an electric cable in my back! I felt alive!

Jesus means the world to me! He is my heart, my spirit, my soul. Becoming a Christian has made me a better person!